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“It Takes a Garden” and other food shorts at Heartland


Shorts Program 4: Small Bites
AMC Castleton Square 8
Sun, Oct 20 4:45 PM

Shorts Program 4: Small Bites
AMC Traders Point Theater 7
Mon, Oct 21 2:15 PM

Shorts Program 4: Small Bites
Wheeler Arts Community Theatre
Thu, Oct 24 5:30 PM

Shorts Program 4: Small Bites
AMC Castleton Square 8
Fri, Oct 25 9:15 PM

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Matt Shouse’s short film “It takes a garden” will be shown as part of Heartland’s Short Program “Small Bites.” “It Takes a Garden” features Laura and Tyler Henderson’s crusade to provide fresh food and to promote wellness to the downtown Indianapolis community through Growing Places Indy.

More about “Small Bites”:


Shorts Program 4: Small Bites

It’s true we have to eat to stay alive, but food can be much more than that. There is an art with cuisine, a history with what you’re consuming and sometimes whom you eat with is more important than the act itself.
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  • Boop Beep (5min) …more
  • Chicken or the Egg (3min) …more
  • Fortune House (9min) …more
  • It Takes a Garden (11min) …more
  • Sweet Corn (19min) …more
  • Love in the Time of Advertising (8min) …more
  • Snack Attack (4min) …more
  • The Trouble With Bread (26min) …more
  • Would You Be Kind to Leave, Sir? (18min) …more




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