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Michael Burch on food and climate

Wednesday March 19
7:00 pm

Lawrence North High School
7802 Hague Road



Even as a sixth of the world’s population suffers from chronic hunger, a changing climate threatens to wreak havoc on already insecure and vulnerable populations. As food and water become scarce and once fertile land becomes barren, the U.S. finds itself faced with new challenges in securing the globe. The U.S. is getting ready, but can it lead the way to climate reform?


Michael Burch is joined the Wabash faculty as an assistant professor in the fall of 2013. His primary teaching and research interests straddle the divide between political science subfields of international and comparative politics. His dissertation looks at what happens when rebel organizations choose to fund their rebellion with transnational criminal activities.  He finds that introducing transnational crime into the battlefield leads to longer wars and increases the chance that the state will face multiple conflicts. His dissertation is based partially on field research conducted in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Cambodia.

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